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How can you really be yourself, in all of your glory, today? 

What can you try or risk today?

I got this question in my ask box and thought I’d put it out to everyone. I think that there are many different answers to this question depending on who you are and how you experience the Queer community. I’d love to have a variety of responses for this QgQ reader from a variety of Queers.

ok so im a lesbian. but i feel like im limiting myself in a way. genderqueer people and non binary, like its all very interesting but sometimes i feel like the queer culture makes me feel guilty for not expanding my horizons. i know this sounds horrible, but i feel like people who are genderqueer or trans feel like they’re better than lesbians/gays. idk maybe im just reading into it, but we all identify as lgbtq, shouldn’t we just get along?

What did you think of Jodi Foster’s speech?

Who would you give one of these hearts to? Can you make your own and do just that?

What kinds of compliments can you give to yourself and others today?

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